Chinese 1900~1997


In my project Chinese 1900-1997, I altered Chinese characters gradually to the point where they became unrecognizable. During the process of simplification, I first filled blocks in a part of the frame of traditional Chinese characters to geometrize these characters. Then, I separated the radicals and other components of these characters. After that, according to Oracle, the original primitive hieroglyphics and origin of Chinese characters, I worked to delete and change the form of every component. Finally, I recorded the simplified words in a handwritten manner. Based on the logic I used, the simplified characters have begun to become abstract graphics, so the recognition and understanding actually becomes increasingly difficult.
    After I made my own simplified Chinese Characters, I used a variety of formats to create an iterative series for this project. One format was a booklet; the booklet acted as a documentation of my project process - through which one can see the simplification of traditional Chinese characters as well as the designing of the visual image to form a new typography.