Privacy Door

This work combines installation, media, and prints. A number of doors are installed in the space between the walls to form an enclosed or open space to express the subject of this work——Privacy.

Each side of the door has a pattern that is similar to the eye. The pattern is divided into two types with one representing the real, and one representing the false. The type of the pattern on the door corresponds to whether the space is a true private or not since people can lie . There are posters of what is this privacy and to express “so-called” human normal response when privacy is mentioned or exposed in all spaces. The emotions expressed by the posters will become stronger and stronger as viewers  go deeper and deeper into the space.

There are only holes that is hollowed out on the door instead of door handles. On the one hand, others can peek through. On the other hand, if others want to open the door to see the things in the space, they must use their hands to dig the hole to open the door.