“connection” poster show


Connections is a project in which different artists based on Weimar (GER) Minneapolis (USA) and Cali (COL) submitted posters thinking on the idea of connections and how to patchwork imagery from different cultures. Their proposals were displayed and mixed by Andreas Bartolomendi (GER), Camilo Aguirre (COL) and Cesar Garcia (COL) and reprinted in screenprinting and digital formats. The outcome of this mixtures will be displayed from october to november in the Universidad Javeriana de Cali, Bauhaus Universität in Weimar and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

The project was attended by:

Jiahao Chen, Yujie Cao, Patrick Sexton, Maria Jose Castillo, Reyn Boyd, Georgia Peaches, Adam Giordano, Alice Gompels, Andreas Bartolomendi, Corina Lobinger, Doi de Luise, Frankie Brown, Josephine Latzlau, Yael Omer, Alejandro Sepulveda, Ana Rosero, Cesar Garcia, Dayana Camacho, Maria Tafur, Nataly Rengifo, Camilo Aguirre, Lorena Tenorio.

And was curated by Camilo Aguirre and Andreas Bartolomendi.